Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Cost and Payment

Q. How much does a new website cost?

There are many aspects that factor into the cost from concept through implementation. These costs can vary widely depending on what your project needs are and how long we estimate that it will take to complete the project. Please contact us to get a cost estimate for your website work.

Q. Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we do. We ask our clients for a 50% deposit on all projects, to be paid before work begins on the website.

Q. Do you accept payment by credit card?

Yes, we do.


Q. How long will it take for you to finish my web design project?

How soon your website work can be done done depends on a number of things, such as:

  • The size of your website
  • The complexity of your design
  • Any advanced features you need
  • When your content is ready
  • Our current client design schedule
  • Your timely feedback and input on our work

Web Design Process

Q. Do you provide mockups?

Yes, we do. We provide full-color mockups to our clients for every project we work on once a contract has been signed.

Q. How many revisions can I make to the design?

We try to make the most informed decisions when it comes to creating a website design, which is why we really get to know you, your market, and your audience before we prepare mockups.

Once the mockups are agreed upon, we’ll start actually building your website for you to see. At that point, we ask that there be no more than one (1) major revision to the design. Naturally you’ll have smaller changes and additions, but at that point, we consider the overall structure and design of the website to be set.

If you request too many changes to your design, or if you request changes to the design after the entire site has been formatted with the template, you will incur more charges.


Q: Where are you located?

Maninagar, Ahmedabad

Q. Do I need to hire a local Raleigh-area web designer?

No. Unlike other businesses, whether or not your web designer is in the area makes little difference. All the information we need to design your website can easily be communicated through email, over the phone, etc.

Even with our local Raleigh-area clients, we only meet face-to-face on an occasional basis; most of the correspondence takes place by phone and email.

The most important point is that we maintain a close working relationship with all of our clients, whether you are in the local Raleigh area or not. This way, our clients can be assured that their website will still be of the highest quality.

We’ve worked with clients who are local in Raleigh, out of state, and out of the country, and have never had any problems completing a project. No matter where they’re located, we try to maintain a close working relationship.

Server Setup

Q. Do you provide website hosting?

No. But we will take care of it. You do not have to worry about hosting, bandwidth, space and emails. It will be according to your plan.

Q. Do you register domain names?

Yes, we can register a new domain on your behalf. You have to just select your domain, and the rest of the things we will do.

Website Maintenance

Will you maintain and update my website?

Yes, we'll do. Minor updates within the first 30 days after launch are free. Updates after that are billable at our standard hourly rate. Minor updates are free like an address or phone number.