Aksh Spark

Aksh Spark

Jasmine, like all the aliens in the series, Jasmine has a shiny translucent skin. She is a petite girl, with a height of 5’5”. She has thick, long, black, straight, waist-length hair with a wide forehead and a long neck. Her eyes are small and black with a slight shade of purple. She has a big nose and when she smiles a dimple is visible just below her right cheek, lips a bit too full for her slim jawline, and thick arched eyebrows.

Jasmine is a clumsy girl, having a weak constitution, being nonathletic and hating anything physical. She hates her field of study because she is not a good warrior. She is a mature person. She has a tendency to underestimate the people around her. She doesn’t like to make friends quickly. She has only one best friend, Max.

Jasmine isn’t a girly girl. She hates dressing up. She feels uncomfortable in impractical, elegant clothes. She mostly wears plain shirts and jeans everywhere she goes. She isn’t materialistic and doesn't like spending money on luxurious items. She doesn’t like parties and she cannot dance. She is an extremely private person who keeps her thoughts and feelings to herself. She is easily scared but can be surprisingly very brave when the matter is about her close friends.

Her scent and lusty hair are enormously seductive to Aksh.

She has dominion over two elements - Fire and terra.

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