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You are my teenage crush

 1k

‘Another biodata. Ohooo, I don’t want to marry anyone.’ Anika threw her phone aside but after a few moments, she took it back. She opened her whatsapp and touched a profile pic. ‘Oh, look at him, handsome, sweet, oh and his eyes, as deep as night. Oh, god, I want this boy. Why don't you propose me? Why? God, please do something. If I could not get this boy, then no one should get him. He is mine.’

The person whose picture Anika was looking at was Neel. They met at guitar classes. Neel was an average looking boy. But he had a likeable smile and friendly nature. He always treated Anika nicely. While Anika didn’t treat Neel badly but she never paid more attention to him. She realized her mistake when Neel left the guitar class to pay attention to his 12th. Nearly seven years had passed. Neel had become engineer now and he had his startup. Anika was CA and handling account section of her father’s business. They were Facebook friends, of course. But they rarely talked.

‘I wish I had paid more attention to him. God, please, please do something. Give me second chance. I want to make everything right.’

A few days later.

‘I don’t want to marry anyone, father.’

‘Just look at the biodata. Educated boy. His family is well settled. I know his father. They are all good people. And the most important thing, same area. So no culture shock.’

Anika took her father’s phone, her lips pouting. But her eyes flashed wide when she looked at the photo. She gave the phone back to her father.

‘Ahu, okay, forward me. I will see. Can I go now? I want to finish one season.’ Anika said and ran up the stairs. She went to her room and shut the door.

‘Yes, yes, yes, yes…’ Anika was jumping on her feet. ‘Oh my god, oh my god, I can’t believe this. Neel. It’s Neel. Thank you, god. Thank you so much.’ she said as she looked at his biodata again. ‘Oh, but, wait, If he refuses, then. No, no, no, no… I have to do something.’

She picked up her phone and typed a message. “Hey, Neel. How r u? Look what I have got. Your biodata.” she took a deep breath and pressed send.

‘Come on, come on, come on, reply me.’ Anika paced up and down the room.

She waited. And waited. And a reply followed a few hours later. Anika’s heart gave a leap as she opened the message. “Hello, Anika. I’m fine. How r you? Actually, I don’t know anything about my biodata. I think my mom made this. Typical Indian parents, you know.”

“I can understand. Same problem. :D My parent wants me to say a yes to you.”

Neel sent only smileys.

‘Oh don’t send smileys like a girl.’ Anika muttered angrily and typed. “Can we meet?”

“Yeah, sure. Where?”

“Tomorrow. 7:30 a.m. Garden. Morning walk.”

“Ok. See you tomorrow.”


Anika woke at 5 a.m. She was going for the morning walk but still, she took a long shower. She wore black shorts and pink sweatshirts. Applied light perfume. Tied her hair in a ponytail.

‘Hi,’ Anika heard a voice behind her. She turned around.

‘Hii, Neel. Long time no see! Why did you leave guitar classes?’ Anika said as they shook hands.

Neel wore a white t-shirt and track-pants. ‘I was busy in study and then my startup so… How are you doing?’

‘Nothing. Playing guitar and enjoying my life.’

‘Then you would be good in guitar. I would like to hear you one day.’

Oh, I like this boy. ‘Sure, anytime.’ Anika said with a smile.

They jogged around the periphery of the garden. They talked about every topic. After the first round, Anika pushed a strand of her hair away irritatedly, her mind on more important matters. Will you please come to the point, mister?

She had lost his patience ‘Ah, Neel, What are you thinking about marriage?’ she blurted out.

‘I don’t want to marry so soon.’ Neel said.

‘Me too.’ Anika said immediately, but her heart sank. Now what? No, Anika, no, you cannot give up so easily. She took a deep breath and spoke, ‘But I was thinking that why don't we marry each other.’

Neel narrowed his eyes. ‘You want to marry me?’

‘NO… I mean, yes, but not in that way.’

Neel stared at her.

‘Okay, listen. Your parents are bothering you for marriage. My parents are bothering me for marriage. And you know how difficult it is to find a good partner nowadays.’

‘Yeah, of course.’ Neel said, his face poker.

Seeing him impassive Anika got hurt. You insult me, Neel. Be a gentleman. When a girl proposes you, you cannot refuse like this. She called on all her courage and continued. ‘You know me. I know you. So let’s get married. We make a rule. We will not make any demand to each other. I will not behave like a typical wife - I want this - I want that. You can focus on your startup. Even I can help you in that, in account side. In return, you’ll have no expectations from me.’

‘Nice proposal. But I have to think.’ Neel said in a flat tone. ‘Now I have to go. I’ll inform my view soon.’ saying so, Neel left.

Damn! What the hell have you done, Anika? It was a stupid idea. Nobody marries on conditions. You’ve lost him forever.


Anika had given up hope of yes. But after five days, Neel called her. ‘Okay, Anika. I want to marry you. I have told my parents about you.’

‘Oh, wow, nice,’ Anika’s heart swelled with happiness. ‘But I have a request to you.’


‘Can we do the court marriage? I don’t like fuss wedding.’

‘You don’t like fuss wedding? Generally girls like all those ritual ceremonies.’

‘Yeah, but I don’t like. Total wastage of money. Using millions of money in a single day! Only very rich or fools do this.’

‘Okay, I don’t have any problem.’

‘You don’t want to ask your family!? Your mom?’ asked Anika surprisingly.

‘We are getting married. Not family. I’m okay with your decision.’

Oh, I love this boy. He is not a baby, who has to ask his mother in everything.


They got married without any family disturbance. It was the First Night. Anika came out of the bathroom and the room filled with the fragrance of shower gel. She smelled like a bouquet of flowers. She wore a cherry print, short robe.

Neel raised his eyebrow as Anika stood in front of him, crossing her legs in a bold manner.

She walked to him. She pushed Neel on the bed and bent over him.

‘What about no demand and no expectation?’ Neel said, smiling as Anika grabbed him by the t-shirt.

‘I lied.’ Anika said with lustful glances. ‘Actually, you are my teenage crush. And I wanted you. I love you.’ she said as she raked her wet hair back and kissed him. ‘This is an arranged marriage for you. Not for me. I always liked you.’ she said as she tore off all his clothes.

‘Oh, really,’ Neel gave a wry smile. ‘Smart girl.’

‘Hey, You know?’ Anika looked searchingly at him. ‘Yes, you know!’

Neel put his hand on her waist and threw her on the bed, and climbed over her. ‘I am not blind. I enjoyed bothering you.’ Neel said as he winked at her. ‘And sorry for the rude behavior.’

Anika staggered, her mouth half open. ‘You devil, you like me too?’

‘I like you! I love you, baby.’ Neel said and kissed Anika hard. They shared a deep, passionate kiss for a few seconds.

‘Oouuh… you are a good kisser.’ gasped Anika.

Neel simply grinned in response and removed her rob. He pulled Anika into a deep embrace. They caressed. They kissed. Their eyes met. ‘Oh, Neel, My first crush, My dream boy, I love you so much.’ Anika said quietly, her words gentle caresses against Neel’s ear.

‘I love you too, sweetheart.’ Neel said as he entered her. Anika clenched his shoulders as they continued to make love. Both were in the top of passion.

Neel slept after intense lovemaking. But Anika didn’t. Her happiness kept her awake. She couldn't believe that her first crush was now her husband.

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Jilted Lover

 910

Siya was the daughter of a rich businessman. She was cute like a squirrel, with light brown hair falling to her shoulders, blackish skin, fine features, playful eyes and a bit fat. She was a computer engineer. And Vivaan was in medical, belonged to a poor family. His parents were dead. He lived with his grandmother and worked really hard to become a doctor. Both, Siya and Vivaan were in the final year of college. Both of them met at the birthday party of a mutual friend. They fell in love. Everything was going well in Vivaan’s life. But one day Siya went to Vivaan and said him, ‘This is not going to work, Vivaan. I don’t think I can do this.’

Vivaan’s heart stopped for a second. ‘Are you proposing me a break-up? I love you.’

‘I love you too, Doc.’ Siya said.

‘Then what happened?’

‘I’m getting married. In next month.’

Vivaan stood frozen. ‘What? How? Why? Who?’

‘Rahul.’ Siya said. ‘You don’t know him. He is in Hotel business. His father is a builder. He is rich and well settled. My parents don’t want to risk losing a match like him.’

‘But what about your dreams? You don’t want your own startup company?’

‘Rahul has promised that he will help in my startup.’

‘And what about us?’ Vivaan asked angrily.

‘Forget me.’ Siya said. ‘I hope we can move past whatever happened.’

There was a dead silence for a second.

‘This is my wedding card.’ Siya handed him the box, with the cards, chocolates and the gold coin. ‘You will come?’

‘NO,’ Vivaan shouted angrily and let it all flow out.

‘Oh, I am so sorry, Vivaan.’ Siya came forward and placed a soft, gentle kiss on his lips.

Vivaan stepped back. ‘I don’t want any more fake kisses.’

Siya withdrew her hand from his. She looked at Vivaan one last time and slid into her car. The new, black, shiny Mercedes slipped away. What just happened.

She didn’t want me. She never wanted me.

Ten years later.

Siya slowly opened her eyes. She looked at her arm. A needle attached to an IV-bag, punctured her skin. And it was her illusion or reality but she also saw a smiling face of Vivaan.

‘Good morning, lazy bone.’ Vivaan said.

Siya blinked. She had lost her natural weight. She was now too skinny. Her gaze was steady and sad.

‘Now you don’t remember my face even?’ Vivaan said with a smile.

Siya blinked again. It was really Vivaan.

‘Vivaan…’ Siya muttered.

‘I had to work hard to save you, by the way.’

Siya suddenly remember everything. Stress emerged on her face.

‘Relax. There is no police. But we can call them if you want.’

‘No, no, no, please.’ Siya said and then became quiet for a few seconds. She looked all around. ‘I want to go home.’

‘You want to go home in this condition?’ Vivaan said harshly.

‘I cannot afford this hospital.’

‘You cannot afford?’ Vivaan said surprisingly. ‘This is my hospital, by the way, don’t worry.’

‘Oh, wow, congratulations, Doctor Vivaan.’

Vivaan stared at her. ‘Will you tell me something or not? Why you did this?’

Siya looked down, not saying anything.

‘For god’s sake, tell me. What happened? Why did you try to commit suicide?’

Siya kept quiet.

‘Your neighbor has brought you here. Where are your parents? Where is your rich husband?’ Vivaan hit the words.

Siya’s eyes welled up. Soft tears rolled down her cheeks.

Vivaan sighed and sat beside her. He held her shoulders with both hands. ‘Please, tell me, Siya. What happened?’ now he asked softly.

‘I made a mistake. A big, big mistake. I made a mistake marrying Rahul. We got divorced.’ Siya said as she wiped her tears.

‘Oh, so Rahul is your another mistake.’

‘Don’t be so harsh, Vivaan.’ Siya cried out. ‘I loved you only. But my parents convinced me that Rahul is the best husband for me. But they were different. They were rich but uneducated. They liked to show-off. Everyday boring party and their balderdash, poppycock and gibberish talk. And I was just a showpiece in their life. I adjusted everything. Rahul had every kind of bad habit. Smoking, tobacco, alcohol. He used to force himself on me when he was drunk.’ she said, her voice breaking. ‘He used to slapped me on every small point. He slapped me in front of his mother even and she didn’t stop him. One day he came home drunk. “It’s midnight, Rahul. What kind of business happen so late?” I said. He reviled me and said, “What do you know about business.”. “I’m the daughter of a businessman. More educated than you.” I said. He slapped me.’ Again tears slipped from her eyes. ‘“He opened the fridge in our room, found a bottle of wine, poured a big glass and chugged it in one shot. I tried to stop him but he pushed me hard. I fell. My elbow hit with the hard marble floor and started bleeding. He bent over me and… and…’ her voice broke. She covered her face with her hands as tears sprang to her eyes.

‘Shh… It’s okay. You don’t need to say anymore.’ Vivaan said as he patted her shoulder a couple of times and gently put her punctured hand back to its position.

Siya took a deep breath and found the strength to continue. ‘I left Rahul’s house and came my home. I explained Rahul to my parents. Of course, not everything. I skipped some stuff. My father is okay with my decision but my mother and grandmother wanted me to go back. They only care about the society. What will people say? They said I cannot live here. This is not my home. Now my husband's house is my house and all that. I stopped meeting people, no friends, no family. I was tired of pinching every day. So one day I left my home too. Of course, I have money in my account. But I had decided that I would not use it. I found a job. I don’t like it. But I had no other option. And I did this at a point of frustration and sadness.’ she said as she lifted her left hand.

Vivaan was watching her sadly.

After a brief pause, she said, ‘I have done wrong with you and I’m being punished for it. I deserve this life. Lonely, without love.’


‘No, Vivaan, I can’t be in denial anymore. I’ve missed you so much, every day, actually every second of my life. I’m so sorry, Vivaan. Forgive me if possible.’ Siya started crying again, uncontrollably. ‘For-give m-e… forg-ive me…’

Vivaan took her in his arms. ‘Shh… enough now. I’m not mad at you, okay. It’s all going to be fine.’

Siya buried her face in Vivaan’s chest. ‘I’m sor-ry… I’m sorry…’

Vivaan lifted her chin and wiped her tears. ‘Calm down! You must eat something.’ He gave her a glass of water and then cut an apple for her.

‘Nice hospital, by the way.’ Siya said when she got her breath back, looking at the room interior.


‘Multispeciality hospital?’


‘I’m happy for you. Great achievement, really.’ Siya said as she took a bite of the apple.

Vivaan smiled in response.

After some moments, Siya croaked and said, ‘How about you? I mean a man so amazing, intelligent cannot be single. Where are your wife and kids?’

Vivaan laughed. ‘Nice way to inquire. But I never fell out of love with you. I’m still single.’

Siya gaped at him as if he was a God.

‘What?’ Vivaan said. ‘It’s true. I still love you. My heart is always open for you, if you want me.’

‘No, no, no, Vivaan, don’t do this. I cannot be so selfish. I cannot ruin your life. I’m not worthy of your love.’

‘What rubbish!’

‘You deserve a nice girl, Vivaan. Not a bitch.’

‘Stop calling yourself so bad.’

‘But, Vivaan…’ Siya said.

Vivaan silenced her with a kiss. Siya looked into his eyes, tears of gratitude shining in her eyes.

‘I love you.’ Vivaan said.

‘I love you too.’ Siya said with a smile. ‘I wish I had committed suicide earlier.’

‘Shut up, you stupid girl!’

Siya held his face in her hands and kissed him. Deep. Passionate.

‘Careful, your hand.’

‘I don’t care.’ Siya said and continued to kiss him.

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